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Hair Extensions

We are proud and excited to now offer full Hair Extensions services!  Hair Extensions are a highly customizable service that can offer each guest a unique outcome based on their goals.  There are 3 main reasons that Extensions may be right for you.

The OG reason that comes to mind is length.  Adding extensions can be an instant remedy if you are looking for long luscious locks but maybe don’t have the patience to wait, or maybe once your hair gets to a certain length it just gets stubborn and refuses to grow to your desired length. 

The first step is to set up a complementary Consultation.  You can give us a call or book your consultation online! 

We have 3 amazing Stylists that are Extension Certified and accepting new clients.

** Certifications include Hot Heads, Bellami, Aqua, Maria Rosa & Dream Catchers

Density & Volume

Extensions are also a great option for those who may be lacking in density or volume.  If you desire more volume and density but don’t want more length, extensions are still a great option for you!  Adding even just one row of Extensions can make a world of difference for your hair confidence. 


Fun Colors

Fun colors.  That’s right, have you ever wanted pink, purple, blue, or orange hair, but you don’t want to go through the cost, hassle, damage, or quick fade out that comes along with a Vivid Bleach out?  Vivid Extensions could be just the thing for you.  You can add that fun pop of color without any processing effects for your hair.

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