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Hair Color Guide.

Scheduling a color service at a new salon can be confusing;  we totally get it and we are here for you!  We always recommend new clients come in for a complimentary consultation if you are unsure about what service to schedule.  To gain clarity on our color service menu, see below for examples of our stylists work and our services.

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Please note:  individual results will vary based on each clients current hair state.  These photos do not guarantee exact results.

Toner / Gloss

Boost your color, cancel or add warmth, and enhance vibrancy. Toners are a great semi-permanent way to play with your hair color! Toners typically last between 2 and 4 weeks depending on wash schedule and hot much heat is used on the hair. 


*One thing to mention: glossing hair does not lighten, add highlights, cover greys, and is not permanent.

Single Color

This service includes permanent and/or demi color applied roots to ends to achieve an overall solid color.  Highlights are not included.  The single root-to-end color is generally used to achieve more depth and richness.  It's also great for all over grey coverage.


Our "Color Touch Up" is the grey coverage service for the root area only.

Full Custom Color

As our industry evolves so do the services.  So, what is a Full Custom Blonding?  A Full Custom Blonding is unique to each client, after a lengthy consultation with your stylist they may recommend a mix of Blonding techniques to achieve your desired look.  Some Teasy lights here, some Balayage there, a money piece in the front.  No more being locked in to one technique!  The main difference between a Full Custom Blonding and a Partial Custom Blonding is coverage.  If you want Blonding throughout your entire head of hair this is the service for you.  We do recommend Partial Custom Blonding for most first time clients.

Partial Custom Color

A Partial Custom Blonding is the same principle as a Full Custom Blonding, a personalized mix of Blonding techniques used to create your dream hair.  The difference between a Full Custom and a Partial Custom is simply coverage.  A Partial Custom Blonding is coverage on the top and front portion of the head, great for those of us who do not wear our hair up a lot and don’t need any lightening underneath.  We do recommend that first time Blonding clients book a Partial to being with.

Screenshot (18).png
Vivid Color

Vivid Color is customizable, conditioning hair color. We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair goals with your chosen stylist. This may require a lightening service to achieve your desired results. 

Global Split Dye

Our Global Split Dye service is built to accommodate our guests who desire 1/2 of the hair to be a darker (Non-Lightened) side, coupled with the remaining 1/2 of the hair to be lightened.  Please see the photo for reference.  We heavily encourage a consultation before booking this service.

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