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Changing the Industry
one stylist at a time


Are you looking for an environment that INSPIRES you to be your best self? 

One that CHALLENGES you to reach your career goals?

Oh... well, hello then.

We might be looking for you too.

We have...

The Reputation

Walking through our doors you’ll notice that we are full of laughter, energy, and know how. Among the things that set us apart are our clientele, without them we would cease to exist, literally. With the training provided to our team and the vibe that we keep as a constant our clients keep coming back for more and telling their friends to do the same. No really, ask anyone.

Your back

We’re more than a salon, we’re a community. With a complete lack of ego and an “everyone belongs” mentality we are here to help you grow. We will push you to be your very best and to give you a hand whenever you need to. There is no second guessing at Artistry Hair Company, because we’ve already got you covered!

The Goods

We believe education is the foundation of success, so continuing education is a must for our team! Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran we have something for you. We don’t keep secrets here so let us keep you at the top of your game too.

And a Good Time!

Every day is a party, as least that’s what we believe! At Artistry, on top of understanding your business and helping you make money, we just really like to have a good time. Whether its a full salon conversation, a random dance party or a laugh attack…you never know what you’re gonna get.. Doing hair is about having fun and expressing yourself while making people feel great. So turn up the music, rock & roll and do great hair!


You are...

Mad Skilled

Our clients walk in the door armed with pictures, ideas, and expectations…so its important that our stylists be well versed in all things hair. We are looking for skilled stylists who are willing to work, learn and play with the the industry’s best!

Trimming Hair
Screenshot (45).png

Super Driven

We all come from different life paths but one thing that pulls us together is the desire to be at the top! We are a fast paced salon with a tendency for perfection and a clientele who expect the excellence we have become known for. We need stylists who are always ready to learn something new, are down for a challenge, and give 110%.

Grounded AF

We don’t have time for egos at our salons! We aim to cultivate confidence, never cockiness. We are a community of learning and growth, which means we work as a team not as individuals. We are a coaching culture, so lending a helping hand and occasional constructive criticism isn’t outside the norm. We hold you accountable and expect you to do the same. This is how we all become the best at what we do!



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