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Brianna spent 15 years wrangling her kids and husband through 7 coast to coast military moves.  Brianna has been with the salon since 2019 and recently decided to step into the ownership role. Her patience and organization makes her the perfect person to head our team!  While Brianna does not practice in hair, she is passionate about people, and particularly our guests. Brianna believes in looking a challenge in the eye and giving it a wink.  Providing a prosperous environment for stylists and offering the best salon services in Chesapeake to our guests is her top priority. Outside of work, you can find her in the garden, crafting, or chauffeuring her tiny humans to and from their various activities.



Level 4 Stylist

Tricia spent 8 years in the Navy, so now she rocks sparkly nails and unicorn hair because she can! A Rockstar with all things precision, Tricia loves creating perfectly structured bobs and pixies, as well as foiling and color. She plays with scissors for the shear fun of it and likes her black coffee order...she is strong and you know exactly what you're getting! When she isn't behind the chair, you can find Tricia on the beach, sketching, and painting with her pup, Ghost, by her side!



Level 4 Stylist / Manager

A true Chesapeake native, Kendall is the perfect balance between barber and stylist! Some of her favorite things to do are balayage and extensions, which goes to show you how versatile her skill set has become in the 15 years she has been behind the chair! When she’s not at work, you can find Kendall chasing her daughter and enjoying being outside. She believes that without struggle there is no progress and loves the simplicity of a vanilla latte. Kendall is kind and funny and can put even the biggest worrier at ease!



Level 4 Stylist

Our Jill of all Trades, Jillian is comfortable with all textures of hair, coloring, and cutting techniques. Mens cuts are her jam.  Jillian is also a master with extensions. She loves the challenge of fading and blending all the hairs. A lot like her favorite, cold brew with almond milk, Jillian is bold with a big personality. When she isn’t at work, you can find her hiking with her dog, Cerberus and remodeling her house!



Level 3 Stylist

Natalie is quite the blonding specialist. From balayage, teasylights, foilyage, highlights, hand painting…. You get the idea. She also loves structured bobs and unstructured shags! Natalie loves Iced Chai Lattes with soy milk and like them, she is low key, interesting, and the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. No matter what life throws at her, she persists. You can find her reading, or relaxing with her furbabies, Mitchie, Willow and Harley when she's not in the salon.



Level 3 Stylist

In the salon, Tara likes to flex her creative muscles. There isn’t anything she doesn’t enjoy doing. She is that person who looks for light in the strangest of places and, like her coffee order (cold brew with a splash of coconut milk) she does everything with a twist! During her off time, Tara always has music on while she crafts and sews, surrounded by her odd and fun collection of vintage items.  One of her favorite hobbies is collecting new creative hobbies!



Level 3 Stylist
If there’s one thing Becca loves, it’s trying new things. She’s always down for a unique and challenging transformation. As much as she loves fashion color and funky cuts she also loves doing natural lived-in looks. Helping people express themselves through their hair is her jam. Becca likes her clients the same as her coffee, something different every time (as long as it’s dairy free!) 
In her free time you can find Becca spending time with her animals, at the beach, or trying out a new hobby.


Level 2 Stylist

Tabitha has been behind the chair for 3 years and recently got certified as a balayage specialist! She also does everything from short hair to long and even extensions. Like her Pink Drink Starbucks order, she is bright, fun, and the perfect balance between sweet and tart. She believes in putting up with the rain to enjoy the rainbow.   Outside of the salon, you can find her snuggling with her cats and cheering her new husband on as he games.



Level 2 Stylist

Autumn is our budding level 2 stylist who has been behind the chair for 2 years, and in the industry for 6.  Autumn loves creating art by working with Vivid Colors and stunning haircuts that work with any color.  Autumn is always pursuing education and learning from her mentors.  If sunshine were a person, it would be her.  Autumn has an unbridled zest for life that is absolutely contagious.  Book with her and bring some of that sunshine to your hair!



Level 1 Stylist / Guest Services

Welcome Taylor to our team!  We are so excited to have her on board, you will see her behind the chair as well as working our Guest Services role. Taylor grew up in a salon and always knew she had a passion for hair. After a couple of life detours and an enlistment in the Marine Corps, she decided to start her journey. She loves blonding services, layered haircuts and is starting to dip her toe into extensions. Her fur babies, Zelda and Shaquille, keep her on her toes— so she tries to stay active. She can have a calming effect on you, like her favorite lavender latte with oat milk and knows how to let you open up to her. 

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