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Welcome to our Salon!

We are so thrilled that you decided to check us out.  We do high-end hair with a hometown feel.  We hope to see you soon!

Our Salon

Here at Artistry, we believe we can achieve more together. It is not unusual to see senior stylists and junior stylists co-creating on the same head of hair. You will hear us discussing everything from formulating the perfect color to the best way to section and cut so that your fringe will lay perfectly. We believe it is important that you and your stylist are matched not only based on availability, but also on your personalities! Getting your hair done should be what you want it to be. We offer different levels of stylists to ensure that there is an option for everyones budget while maintaining high standards of quality.

We can't wait to see you!


Who We Are.

​ We are a unique, like-minded team with varied interests and skill-sets. Our salon home is chill and beautiful, but also highly approachable. We believe in empowering people to be whoever they want to be. ​ Our one common goal is to make people happy.  ​ Oh, and we happen to do some "killer" hair. ​ ​ ​  

We Create Beauty. Not Waste.

As a member of Green Circle Recycling, we collect, recycle & re-purpose our hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, papers, plastics, & glass and divert them from landfills & waterways.

Thank you for helping us keep people AND the planet beautiful.

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