The Artistry Difference.

Look Great. Feel Amazing.

Our Salon

Here at Artistry Hair Company, we believe in growing great stylists. As a teaching salon, it is not unusual to have senior stylists and junior stylists co-creating on the same client. You will hear our stylists discussing everything from formulation to technique. We love to learn and sharpen our skills together! We approach everything with the understanding that the only constant is change. Gone are the days when a stylist would spend their whole career in the same space working on the same clients. We not only understand that, we embrace it! We believe that everyone deserves to chase their dreams, even if those dreams take them outside of our four walls.


So come experience the difference!


Who We Are.

We are a like-minded team, based on fun, goal-setting and an unstoppable drive for team success in a setting that’s not only chill and beautiful, but highly approachable.

Our one common goal is to make people happy. 

Oh, and we happen to do some "killer" hair.



We Create Beauty. Not Waste.

As a member of Green Circle Salons, we collect, recycle & re-purpose our hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, papers, plastics, & glass and divert them from landfills & waterways.

Thank you for helping us keep people AND the planet beautiful.

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